2Dark – Upcoming Survival Adventure Game From Alone In The Dark Creator – Gets New Trailer

Acclaimed French designer Frederick Raynal has unveiled more details of his new survival adventure game, 2Dark, in a special introduction video published today to coincide with the start of the crowdfunding campaign at Ulule. Well known for creating the original Alone in the Dark and Little Big Adventure, together with the indie studio Gloomywood, Raynal returns to his roots with 2Dark. Players find themselves in dark and unsettling locations, desperate to find and save as many children as possible while being pursued by ever-present serial killers.

2Dark is a visually unique survival adventure experience, where players will need to solve puzzles and procure weapons, while finding children and survive the lethal dangers lurking in the shadows. Darkness surrounds all, and the player will need to make the best possible use of limited resources to successfully create light, evade the traps lying in wait, listen carefully and survive the horrors.

Through ten different and replayable levels, the players will slowly get to know more about the disturbing backstory of the protagonist Mr. Smith and his quest to rescue the children. The game uses an innovative voxel graphic rendering style designed in-house at Gloomywood to create an old-school top down perspective.

The video coincides with the start of the crowdfunding campaign for 2Dark on the French platform Ulule today. Together with storyline writer Thierry Platon, designer Frederick Raynal shares an in-depth look at the game showing many of the features and gameplay mechanics of this survival adventure. Looking for support from fans and gamers, the team wants to remain financially independent while using the feedback from the community to create the best horror game possible. Gloomywood to aiming to raise €30.000 in 33 days.

Frederick Raynal said:

“We really wanted to return to our roots with 2Dark and with this game we set out to design a completely new gameplay experience and something really innovative. 2Dark is an infiltration adventure game and set in a distinct and dark world, and it’s all about that psychological tension in the middle of unrelenting action.”

2Dark is set for a late 2015 release for the PC, Mac and Linux!

2Dark - Ulule campaign