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Slender: Source – Teaser Trailer

Ethereal Entertainment has released a teaser trailer for its upcoming Source game, Slender: Source. Slender: Source is based off of the legend of the Slenderman which is a mythical creature often depicted as a tall, thin figure wearing a black suit and a blank face. Players must work together to collect a certain amount of creepy dolls all while trying to avoid the abomination that is the Slenderman. Slender: Source is planned for a Q1 2013 release. Enjoy! Continue reading Slender: Source – Teaser Trailer

Slender comes to Valve’s Source Engine with ‘Slender: Source’

Slender may very well be one of the coolest freeware titles we’ve seen in recent years. Slender is a horror game with an amazing atmosphere but let’s be honest – its graphics are so outdated , that the end result is underwhelming (well, at least after 5-10 playthroughs). So, say goodbye everyone to Slender and say hello to Slender: Source. Slender: Source will be a survival co-op mod where players have to hide from the Slenderman in a variety of horrifying environments. Continue reading Slender comes to Valve’s Source Engine with ‘Slender: Source’