Slender comes to Valve’s Source Engine with ‘Slender: Source’

Slender may very well be one of the coolest freeware titles we’ve seen in recent years. Slender is a horror game with an amazing atmosphere but let’s be honest – its graphics are so outdated , that the end result is underwhelming (well, at least after 5-10 playthroughs). So, say goodbye everyone to Slender and say hello to Slender: Source. Slender: Source will be a survival co-op mod where players have to hide from the Slenderman in a variety of horrifying environments.
But first a little bit of history. According to the legend, Slender can stretch or shorten his arms at will and has tentacle-like appendages protruding from his back. Depending on the interpretations of the myth, the creature can cause memory loss, insomnia, paranoia, coughing fits (nicknamed “slendersickness”), photograph/video distortions and can teleport at will. The urban legend has inspired fan arts, fictional creepypastas and a mockumentary series in the style of the 1999 indie horror film Blair Witch Project.
Developed by Ethereal Entertainment, Slender: Source promsies to really frighten players, and give them that experience the team feels will want & crave for when they play a horror game, or even watch a horror film. That feeling of being scared. With Slender: Source, players will be able to play with up to three of their friends and traverse a variety of environments trying to uncover who/what the Slenderman really is, all while collecting strange little dolls that resemble children; which the player can try figuring out the purpose of these dolls.
Four players will be playing as teenagers who are sent out on a dare to try and find/discover the myth behind the Slenderman. The game will then thrust these players into a variety of environments where they must find 15 dolls (which resemble creepy children) and collect them without being killed by the Slenderman. The game has no time limit, and the only goals by the players is to survive, and collect these dolls. Once all of the dolls have been collected the game will end. There is no combat, and no way to defend yourself.
The Slenderman will be able to kill you within one hit, so try to avoid him as much as possible. The team will not be restricting players to one environment, so upon release of the mod/game players will be able to explore two different kinds of environments when playing the game. The first being the standard woods that we’ve come to see in the Unity title, as well as an abandoned hospital. So, two maps upon release that should take roughly 30 minutes to an hour to complete.
No release has been announced as of yet, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted about its progress!