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Crysis 2 – Decimation Pack Available Now

So you’ve been wondering what Crytek has been doing this whole time and couldn’t release the DX11 patch? Here is your answer. The second DLC pack for Crysis 2 has just been released for PC and X360 and is priced at $9.99. The Decimation Pack includes five new maps and two new weapons. You can view a trailer for this DLC after the jump. Will Crytek be able to keep their promise and release this Summer the CryEngine SDK, the Crysis 2 Editor and the DX11 patch? We can only hope to. Continue reading Crysis 2 – Decimation Pack Available Now

Wii U powered by CryEngine 3

Nintendo fans, get ready to be amazed as Cevat Yerli announced that CryEngine 3 will power Nintendo’s next-generation console. That’s right. Wii U will be powered by CryEngine 3. This is the second high-end game engine that has been confirmed for Wii U, given the fact that Batman: Arkham City was showcased at Nintendo’s conference (which basically means that Unreal 3 Engine will be compatible with Wii U). Continue reading Wii U powered by CryEngine 3