DSOGaming – Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer Review

Battlefield: Hardline is as it is, another game in a long series of games and although the cops vs robbers approach is different from what Battlefield gamers are used to, the game still feels so familiar. Hardline is a little too familiar for my liking and I often found playing it to be almost a chore.

There are some distinct differences between Battlefield: Hardline and other titles in the series. The biggest distinction being the roles that vehicles play in the game. Although there are still attack helicopters and the occasional vehicle with a 50 cal mounted to the top of it, the vehicles in Hardline serve more of a means of transportation than an offensive device. Hardline also utilizes vehicles as objectives in the Hotwire game mode which has improved greatly since I last played it in Beta, plus the inclusion of more maps is a big plus.

Battlefield: Hardline also features a different weapon buying system then its predecessors. In other Battlefield titles you had to unlock your weapons before you could use them as well as their attachments, this remains true in Hardline. What Hardline has that other titles didn’t is money, yep, money. Now you have to unlock your weapons AND buy them. This can be a bit frustrating, but it does force you to prioritize what weapons you buy.

The game as it stands right now is still incredibly buggy and on many of the maps the spawning is royally f&%*$# up, so be prepared if you are thinking about buying this game for its multiplayer.

The Verdict: 

Battlefield: Hardline is very much like previous releases in the series so I’m having a hard time recommending it to people who are looking for an original experience, but if you really love Battlefield then you definitely do not need to miss out on this title. The spawning may be a bit janky on some maps, but the netcode is sound which is good news for the early adopters of BF4.

As usual I have a video review to accompany my written one so make sure you check it out below. Thanks again!

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