Skyrim is almost five years old and still looks incredibly beautiful thanks to its graphics mods

It’s been a while since our last look at modded Skyrim. Out previous ‘special’ Skyrim gallery was published back in January, featuring a set of screenshots from a number of ENBSeries members. And last month, we presented a gallery showcasing visuals that can be considered comparable or better than those featured in the upcoming Special Edition.

So, today we present you some artistic screenshots that were captured by Arsalan Delgosha. Unfortunately Arsalan did not share the list of mods that were used, however you can find most of them at NexusMods.

There is no doubt that Skyrim benefited greatly from all the graphical mods that have been released for it these past five years. And this is one of the reasons why developers should open their games to modders.

Make sure to open the images in new tabs in order to view them in full resolution.