Skyrim Gets Closer To CG Quality Visuals, Gionight Shares New Mind-blowing Screenshots

Gionight is well known for his amazing modded Skyrim shots. Some of you may hate him (for not sharing his ENBSeries settings and the mods he’s been using to capture them) while others will love him for his artistic images. A couple of days ago, Gionight shared a new set of screenshots, showing how close to CG quality visuals Skyrim can get (by of course using a number of graphical mods). Enjoy!

47 thoughts on “Skyrim Gets Closer To CG Quality Visuals, Gionight Shares New Mind-blowing Screenshots”

  1. CGI??? Where’s Tessellation, advanced physics and particles, Global Illumination, Tress FX hair, true physics based water, dynamic destruction?

    Maybe ES6…

    1. Where are all those things in modern games? Most games barely touch one or two of those features. And FYI, if you want to use those features, there are mods for that.

      Global Illumination- Part of “Realistic Lighting Overhaul”
      Tessellation- Due to DX9, the closest you can get is “Project Parallax”. In many cases it looks better than most DX11 games using tessellation.
      Tress FX Hair- Why use a proprietary hair physics that is only available on a fraction PCs with AMD cards. (AMD= 36% marketshare). Btw… the mod “Skyrim Hair Physics Project” gives you this on ALL cards.
      Physics Based Water- Try the mod “W.A.T.E.R.”. Then go run around in the shallows of a lake.

      1. All those you listed are fake imitations!

        Realistic lighting overhaul does not have”true” Global illumination

        Project Parallax is a sad imitation of Tessellation!

        Sky Hair Physics does not even come close to Tress FX OR Nvidia’s proprietary physic based Hair!!!

        W.A.T.E.R mod is not real physics based water, a sad imitation really! lol

        1. Instead of Realistic lightning overhaul, somebody needs to combine it with enhanced lights and fx, shadows and immersive interiors.
          Sure, parallax is the very little brother of tesselation, but try 4K parallax skyrim, instead of PPR
          Realistic water2 instead of w.a.t.e.r
          There are a few more hair mods now.
          All your named mods are either outdated or need or can be combined

          Some of those screens are only ladybody3.0 by Krista in front of a background inside a house, in 1080p you can run that at 200 frames. Of course the screens have downsampling, but you are still way above 60 frames.
          On the outside, that’s another thing ^^ frame drops of course.

          The topic is “getting closer” nobody says it’s there.

      2. fur or hair is one of hardest stuff to make in development procedure..thats why amd and nvidia develop tressfx and physx for these..also why square enix latest luminuos studio engine demo focused on the oldman’s beard
        the last of us’s joel beard also being made in 2.5 weeks

      3. ”Where are all those things in modern games”

        By modern games you should mean the ”next gen” games that haven’t come out yet. First releases and multi-generation games won’t have that stuff.

  2. CGI does not equal still pics lol. And er FFVIII’s CGI videos are still stunning today, the only thing they need is a bump up from the PS1 video 15fps and resolution and they would look nice and shiny too.

  3. Still completely useless.
    Skyrim had an outdated engine when it got RELEASED.
    This is seriously a waste of time and talent, the author of this stuff is great and he should work in something different.

      1. Better than any game in its category – large living open world games? Maybe. Any game ever? BS. GTA IV with the latest IceNHancer looks lifelike in motion, not just on screenshots.

        1. GTA IV with IceNHancer looks great in glamor shots but gameplay not so much, it’s an improvement but I think Skyrim looks better but to quot Russell Collins that is “Entirel Subjective” plus we have not seen Skyrim running with this mod.

          1. I have never seen a video showing Skyrim in such a lifelike way. On the other hand, if you google “GTA IV IceNHancer gameplay”, the first result on the page does show the game in motion and it looks just mind blowing (although the visual quality depends on lighting conditions.

      2. It looks great in pictures, the game engine is very limited. Combat is mediocre (but that’s the case since the beggining of the TES series), characters are wooden, radiant AI is poor, the world doesn’t react to your deeds, etc.

  4. Looks great. The problem with these screen shots, is that that’s all they are. The game is unplayable in that state. Complete slide show.

    I’m running all the 2K texture, lighting, static mesh, Skyrim flora overhaul, bigger trees, Climates of Tamriel, RealVision ENB, etc. running at 2560×1440 with dual overclocked 780’s and I still get frame rate dips into the 40’s at times.

    1. I didn’t say one thing about 40fps on my system being a slide show.

      I said whoever’s screen shots these are in the article, I can guarantee is a slide show.

  5. I think it would be cool if DSOG did a modding guide for Skyrim including PC analysis. Lay out the best/most stable mods and how they affect PC performance.

  6. CGI quality is questionable, but these are screenshots, aka non playable. Skyrim isnt going to CG level if it cant be played as such.

  7. Screenshots do not equate playable footage. I don’t play skyrim one carefully edited screenshot at a time.

  8. Oh, stop with that constant Skyrim CG visuals thing over and over again. It’s not that impressive. If u take those models for example, and compare it to some of the fakefaktory models for Source 2010 engine, its on par or quit similar. And the rest looks nice but certainly nowhere near CG quality… Oversaturated colors and flares and other post-FX graphics effects won’t get it there.

    1. Agree, all this crap about Skyrim this, skyrim that makes me wanna puke damnit..LOL!
      Looks like s*it to me!
      All those post effects looks so 90’s that it’s not even funny, man talk about obsessive Skyrim fanboy :S

      It looks like crap plain and simple and anyone can see that!

  9. stating ur opinion is understandable.
    but generalising all enbs as same is not.
    not all enb have oversaturated bloom and post effects.
    google natural lighting and atmospherics and u would know

  10. Yeah now we starts to talking 🙂
    Cryengine is awesome and even Unreal engine 4 seems to be pretty fantastic and I wouldent belive I would say that Unreal engine would be/look good ..LOL!

    But damn some of this thing John have showed us from Unreal Engine 4 seems really really good, so I have atleast some slight hope for UE4 🙂

  11. Why is it, every time one of these skyrim mods get released, the women have less and less clothes on?

  12. the only pic that reminds me of skyrim is the old man vs the dragon , other wise it looks like a whole new games (the female character model looks like anime characters)

  13. I find these screenshots fantastic and impressive. However, it is relatively easy to come after and improve on something like Skyrim over and over again and not really worry about the performance of the PC or console to make it work. I suspect the original developers could have done this, but then 95% of the people at the time of the games’ release date probably wouldn’t have been able to play the game, which certainly would be a bad business decision.

    1. since this is a third party app that basicly invades the game while it renders.. yes the perfomance drop is huge, if the developers have done this, it would look and run far better, but crapstation 3 and trashbox 360 would be able to run the game.

  14. Wow, so many haters here against the work we produce over at ENBDev. No one said this was CG. It is one step closer to CG quality though, which in a way is what ENBDev strives for. So think of this as progress. Imagine what Skyrim looks like out of the box, and they look at these screenshots. It’s a DX9 game! Whats even crazier is Gionight has been producing this type of quality screen archery since early 2012.

    As for playability, that all depends on your hardware. If you have a PC that was meant for 4k gaming, then yes you can run your game looking this good at 60FPS. Basically any of the most recent video cards over this past year and half can run games at 4K very efficiently. Many serious screen archers run 2 and even 3 video cards. So imagine 3 780gtx cards or Titans for example. You can easily get 60FPS with these sort of visuals.

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