New screenshots released for Grand Theft Auto V’s upcoming graphical overhaul, GTA5Redux

Josh Romito has released a new set of screenshots for his upcoming graphics mod for Grand Theft Auto V, GTA5Redux. While not as impressive as its initial screenshots, GTA5Redux looks better than the vanilla version of GTA V. GTA5Redux promises to feature brand new, 4k, fire, explosion, smoke, particle effects, and new debris textures, as well as newly worked physics and explosive reactions, as well as an entirely overhauled weapon system. Enjoy!

GTA5 2016-06-01 01-06-29GTA5 2016-06-01 01-07-24GTA5 2016-06-05 12-21-28GTA5 2016-06-05 13-47-31GTA5 2016-06-05 23-39-51GTA5 2016-06-06 01-16-41GTA5 2016-06-06 16-25-08GTA5 2016-06-11 20-15-38GTA5 2016-06-11 20-15-58GTA5 2016-06-11 23-55-52