Resident Evil 3

Here is what a Resident Evil 3 Remaster with AI-enhanced ESRGAN could have looked like

ERSGAN and Topaz Gigapixel are two AI techniques that, at least in our opinion, should be used for most – if not all – classic games. Thanks to these AI techs, older games can benefit from better and more detailed textures that retain the original style of the game.

Now since Resident Evil 3 is a hot topic, especially after the rumours circulating a possible remake, Resetera’s member ‘Nefer‘ has experimented with ESRGAN and released screenshots showing some of the game’s backgrounds being enhanced by the AI.

The end result is amazing and we’d really love to see such a Texture Pack properly release. Nefer said that he used the Gamecube version in order to enhance these backgrounds and used the “ESRGAN interp_05” model.

Since Nefer is experimenting with the Gamecube version, he may indeed release a HD Texture Pack similar to what we’ve already gotten for Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2 and Resident Evil Code Veronica X.(though to be honest I’d prefer a pack for the PC and not for the Gamecube version, but still).

Enjoy the comparison screenshots and stay tuned for more!