Metroid Prime feature by Mykiio

Metroid Prime gets an AI-enhanced ESRGAN HD texture pack, improves more than 9000 textures

Metroid fans, here is something special for you today. Resetera’s member ‘collige‘ has released a HD Texture Pack for Metroid Prime using AI-enhanced techniques like ESRGAN that weights around 1.8GB. And as with all AI-enhanced HD texture packs, this one will improve the game’s textures while also retain its style and atmosphere.

Now the reason we’re sharing this HD Texture Pack for a Nintendo GameCube game is because you can only use it via the Dolphin emulator on the PC. Yeap, this “remastered” version of Metroid Prime can only be played on the PC.

According to collige, this pack retextures virtually the entire gameas there are about 7000 textures upscaled with ESRGAN (manga109 model) and an additional 2000 textures that were upscaled with waifu2x-caffe (UpRGB model).

Those interested can download this HD Texture Pack for Metroid Prime from here. Do note that this pack is  for the GameCube version (GameID GM8E01) and not for Metroid Prime Trilogy.

Here is also a guide for installing this Texture Pack.

1.) Verify that the main texture pack folder is named to the proper Game ID or the first 3 letters.
2.) Place the texture pack into the global Dolphin directory:
C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Dolphin Emulator\Load\Textures
3.) Open Dolphin emulator.
4.) Enter Graphics > Advanced tab > Check Load Custom Textures.

Performance Options:
Prefetch Custom Textures – Caches textures in RAM when game is loaded. May reduce stuttering. Found on Graphics\Advanced tab.