Half Life looks amazing in Unreal Engine 4, lots of new screenshots from Project Lambda fan project

It’s been a while since our last look on the Half Life in Unreal Engine 4 fan project, right? Well, good news everyone as Alex04se has released a new set of screenshots from the almost final version of this project that look stunning.

As we’ve already reported, Project Lambda will bring Half Life/Black Mesa to Unreal Engine 4, will feature the first chapter from Valve’s classic FPS, and will be made available to the public once it’s complete. The 3D artist stated that the levels and the lighting are complete by 95%, so we may soon be able to download and experience it.

After the release of this first chapter, the team working on it may recreate the second episode of Half-Life in Unreal Engine 4. This will depend solely on fan demand. Also, we are curious whether or not Valve will shut it down before the team is able to complete the game’s second episode.

As for the first episode, we strongly suggest tempering your expectations. The first episode of Half Life/Black Mesa is the train sequence so interactivity will be limited. Furthermore, and while the team may implement some shooting mechanics, you won’t be able to fight marines or aliens.

Anyway, enjoy the following screenshots and stay tuned for more!