New Level Editor released for the original System Shock game

Modder ‘dertseha’ has released a brand new level editor for the classic System Shock game. According to the modder, the previous “deck” Editor from InkyBlackness reached its limits, so it was necessary to think of a brand new editor. This new editor is called HackEd and its initial version is available for download.

The new editor, in its initial v1.0.0 release, essentially copies the structure of the previous “deck” package from InkyBlackness and it allows for basic fan-mission editing. Moreover, the new project was also done with the following goals:

  • Much better UI/UX – This editor now supports Undo/Redo, as well as better UI-controls.
  • Integrate findings of the source release – Although hardly anything of this noticeable in this first release, the engine can do way more than what was originally reverse-engineered.
  • Support for future extensions to engines – With the begin of fan-based engine ports (e.g. Shockolate), as well as the upcoming “Source Port” from NDS, there will be extensions made that would have been tricky in the old editor.

Those interested can getĀ the latest release of HackEdĀ on GitHub.

Have fun!