Another Metroid 2 Remake feature

Another Metroid 2 Remake patch 1.4.1 improves graphics, overhauls Fusion mode and more

Reddit’s lLoneWandererl has released a new update for the fan-made remake of Metroid 2 for the PC, Another Metroid 2 Remake (also known as AM2R). This update improves/updates graphics, overhauls the Fusion mode and adds French, Czech, and German localizations.

In addition, AM2R update 1.4.1 adds new sound effects, fixes D-pads not working on some controllers, allows directional buttons can now be rebound for some controllers, updates the Skreek sprite and adds unique, randomized heads to Zetas.

Those interested can download the update from here, and below you can find its complete changelog.

Another Metroid 2 Remake Patch 1.4.1 Release Notes

  • Fusion mode overhaul:
  • Added Core-X to some boss fights.
  • Updated graphics.
  • New sound effects.
  • X parasites may now respawn if not picked up.
  • Fixed D-pads not working on some controllers.
  • Directional buttons can now be rebound for some controllers.
  • Changed pickup sounds for Super Missiles, Big Health, Power Bombs, and X parasites.
  • Fixed water Blob Thrower dropping ice shards when killed with Speed Booster.
  • Pickups (including X) now spawn at center of enemy.
  • Changed non-robotic enemy death sound when killed by Screw Attack or Speed Booster.
  • Added new Hydro Station background.
  • Added unique, randomized heads to Zetas.
  • Palette loading has been restructured.
  • Palettes and related sprites for Samus and the Metroids are now stored in their respective folders under the mods/palettes folder.
  • Tester boss can now play its own music if it exists:
  • The song should be called “musTester.ogg” and placed in the main game directory with the rest of the music.
  • Suit change animations will now play in Random games when the item is not in a tunnel or in the air.
  • A little bird told me some hidden message should now unlock more reliably. You didn’t hear it from me though >.>
  • Samus should no longer clip though the Queen when in morph.
  • Item room music now obeys the volume setting and should no longer restart the area theme when ended.
  • The Retro item music toggle has been removed, instead, the item room theme now plays if the file called “musItemAmb2.ogg” exists in the game directory; if it is removed, the area theme will continue playing rather than the item theme.
  • Music should no longer randomly fail to play (Yes, for real this time…).
  • Updated Skreek sprite.
  • A7 cave background changed.
  • Added French, Czech, and German localizations.
  • Many other minor fixes.