For Honor has not been downgraded at all – E3 2016 versus Final Version comparison

Ubisoft is one of the few companies that has been criticized for downgrading its titles. However, we are happy to report that For Honor has not been downgraded at all. The final build features some of the best visuals we’ve seen to date, and they are as good as those showcased in the recent E3 events.

Below you can find some comparison screenshots between the E3 2016 build (left) and the final build (right). As you can see, these two builds look identical, and there is no noticeable downgrade in the game’s visuals.

For this comparison we used an uncompressed high-quality video for the game’s E3 2016 demo. So while there are some artifacts that reduce the quality of the textures being displayed, we can compare all the other effects that were implemented in it.

As we can see, the final version of For Honor looks as good as its E3 2016 build. The only slight difference is that the E3 2016 build appears to have a stronger bloom effect. Apart from that, the builds are identical.