Batman Arkham Knight new header

Batman Arkham Knight is available for only $4.99 at Bundle Stars for the next 24 hours

The initial PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight disappointed a lot of PC gamers. Let’s face it, the game was broken. However, Rocksteady was able to fix most of the game’s performance issues. And while the game does not support SLI or Crossfire, it actually runs very smooth in its current state. So here is a really incredible offer for all Batman fans out there.

Bundle Stars is offering Batman: Arkham Knight for only $4.99. This is a limited offer and will end tomorrow, so be sure to get it while you still can.

All you need is a free Steam account to redeem your key.

Those interested can get Batman: Arkham Knight from Bundle Stars.

Have fun!

Official Batman: Arkham Knight Launch Trailer