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Elite: Dangerous – Fans Claim That Final Version Has Been Downgraded Visually [UPDATE]

Elite: Dangerous has been recently released, however according to a number of fans that had access to the beta versions of this sim space game, it appears that the final version has been slightly downgraded. Our reader ‘Dirty Dan’ has provided us with a comparison – using the same settings – that showcase the visuals between the game’s final and beta 1.04 versions.

As we can see, some environmental effects are missing from the final version, while the textures themselves seem to be of a lower resolution.

It remains to be seen whether Frontier will comment on this report or not. It will also be interesting to see whether the blurrier textures are caused by a bug or not.

Enjoy the comparison that was made under the same circumstances.



Elite: Dangerous’ lighting seems to be bugged at the moment. Reddit’s members were able to reproduce this issue as you can see below (left is bugged while right is unbugged). There is still no word yet about the blurrier textures of Sidewinder’s cockpit.