Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – SweetFX vs Vanilla Comparison [UPDATE]

Assassins Creed IV Black Flag v4

Ah, the beauty of SweetFX. It’s no stretch to say that SweetFX is a useful tool that all PC gamers should be using. As we’ve already said in our Performance Analysis, Nvidia’s TXAA tech does an incredible job eliminating jaggies. However, this AA solution blurs the whole image, thus resulting in inferior image quality. Therefore, we decided to counter this blur side effect with the power of SweetFX.

Do note that our settings will be ideal to those using TXAA or FXAA (as those AA solutions bring the annoying blur side effect).

In order to improve the game’s visuals, we’ve sharpened the whole image (thankfully for all of you, our sharpening settings are not as high as in our previous SweetFX settings), we’ve made lights a bit brighter, and we’ve enhanced the colors in order to give a more natural look to the environments (notice for example that the sky is more blue-ish now).

Those interested can download our SweetFX mod from here.

Enjoy the following comparison. As always, the modded images are on the left whereas the vanilla ones are on the right.




Our reader Justin Salih has shared with us his SweetFX mod (that can be downloaded from here). Below you can find a video comparison between AC4 vanilla and his SweetFX settings.