Scarlet Nexus feature 2

Scarlet Nexus Patch 1.03 released, adds larger font size, camera distance, lock on & more

Bandai Namco has released a brand new patch for Scarlet Nexus that will update its version to 1.03. According to the team, Patch 1.03 adds larger font size, as well as camera distance, aim assist and lock on options.

Furthermore, it introduces smoother and quicker protagonists’ start movements outside battles. Additionally, it packs various bug fixes (that Bandai Namco has not specified).

In order to showcase these new additions, the publisher released the following trailer.

SCARLET NEXUS - v1.03 Patch Update

As always, Steam will download Update 1.03 the next time you launch its client. Below you can also find its complete changelog.

Scarlet Nexus Patch 1.03 Release Notes

  • Added new gameplay options
    – Camera position and tracking speed option
    – Enemy lock-on aim assist (Left stick control ON/OFF) option
    – Enemy lock-on camera speed option
    – Text size (brain talk messages / system log) adjustment option
    – SAS Activation Animation toggle option
  • Smoother and quicker protagonists’ start movements outside battles
  • Bug fixes

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