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Latest Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy PC Patch brings Ray Tracing improvements, fixes crashes

EIDOS Montreal has released a brand new PC patch for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. According to the release notes, this update brings numerous Ray Tracing improvements, and fixes a number of crashes.

Going into more details, the November 23rd Patch packs CPU performance optimizations for RT, as well as GPU performance optimizations (particularly at higher resolutions). It also fixes ray-traced materials for Star-Lord’s helmet and adds some missing materials. Noto only that, but it brings general improvements to objective markers.

As said, this patch also fixes a number of crashes. For instance, it fixes a few rare crashes during combat. It also fixes a rare visor crash and a rare crash when using Drax’s wrecking ball ability.

EIDOS Montreal also claims that this patch packs fixes for grass rendering and for foliage popping. However, and since I’m currently playing the game, this isn’t true. Even with this patch, there are A LOT of pop-up issues that happen right in front of view.

As always, Steam will download this update the next time you launch its client. Below you can also find its complete changelog.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy November 23rd PC Patch Release Notes

Fixes and improvements #1
  • General stability improvements
  • Multiple improvements to stability with Ray Tracing enabled
  • Fix for refresh frequency issue with exclusive Fullscreen
  • Fix for a few rare crashes during combat
  • Additional fix for a rare visor crash
  • Fix for a rare crash when using Drax’s wrecking ball ability
  • Fix for a rare crash during dog fight
  • Additional fix for Epic Games Store – “This is what we do” achievement unlock
  • Fix for Epic Games Store – save game issue with wide character user names
  • Fix for an issue where the Compendium entry “Gasher and Gnasher” might not unlock.
  • Added a failsafe to ensure that the “Fully Loaded” achievement could be unlocked
  • Fix for players who may become locked out of the Guardians menu after the first ability point tutorial
  • Fix for Español (España) language appearing as English
  • Additional fix for Arabic description text in launcher
  • Fix for icon flicker, invalid icon and scale issues
  • Fix for instances where the poison gas could not be frozen again after a reload.
Fixes and improvements #2
  • Improvements made to transition in and out of Workbenches in order to address some instances of Rocket refusing to use the Workbench.
  • Fix for a rare issue where Star-Lord may be caught in a state of falling out of world in Chapter 1, after falling on the Milano
  • Fix to allow the Crane puzzle of Chapter 7 to be completely reset when reloading checkpoint, so that users may be allowed to retry in rare instances where they become blocked
  • Additional fix to allow users to win the chase sequence in Chapter 9 more easily
  • Fix for a funnel in Chapter 10 which made access to an outfit difficult of access
  • Fix for one instance where Groot may be unable to create a Groot lift leading to a side path in Chapter 10
  • Additional fix for rare instances where a Drax throw object needed to progress may not appear during Chapter 13
  • Save Rollback: A hidden Save Rollback feature was added to allow users who have encountered blocking issues to rollback to the start of the chapter of their choice. Please see this thread for more details.
  • Updated wording for privacy statement
Other fixes and changes
  • Fix for ray trace material for Star-Lord’s helmet and addition of missing materials
  • Fix for raytraced transparent reflection description in launcher
  • Additional fix for flight mouse control turn during afterburner boost or dodge maneuvers
  • Fix for Compendium scroll bar
  • Fix some cases where Xbox controller prompt was wrong
  • Additional fix for Microsoft Elite II with wireless dongle identification
  • Fix for mouse sensitivity control
  • Fix for widescreen issue with dogfight HUD layout
  • Additional fix for grass rendering
  • Fix for foliage popping
  • Fix for AMD Fidelity CAS sharpening, which is now enabled in Photo Mode
  • Additional fix for instances where Star-Lord’s eyes might glow red with ray tracing enabled.
  • Fix for an issue where the Rocket Bet scoreboard may still appear on screen after the bet is over.
  • Radio communications can now be heard through the controller.
  • Fix for the Rocket line that was being played through Groot’s voice.
  • Fix for save icon occasionally sticking on screen.
  • Additional fixes for rare instances where Guardians may disappear in combat.
  • Fix for a funnel where Star-Lord may occasionally become stuck when running at higher FPS.
  • General improvements to objective markers.
  • Additional improvements to world boundaries.
  • Addition of -NoLauncher command line option to suppress launcher
  • CPU performance optimizations for RT
  • GPU performance optimizations, particularly at higher resolutions