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DayZ Update 1.15 is now available on PC, full patch notes

Bohemia Interactive has released Update 1.15 for the standalone version of DayZ. Moreover, the team has revealed its complete changelog that you can find below.

According to the team, Patch 1.15 adds another bullpup assault rifle – the iconic AUR. It comes in two variants, both accepting 5.56 NATO ammunition. The A1 variant offers limited customizability with its fixed scope and a dedicated 30 round magazine. The AX variant on the other hand offers a full range of options for the scopes, suppressor and is compatible with the standardized magazines as well.

Additionally, this latest update adds new civilian gear – the hunter vest, which offers great storage capacity and can be found around the hunting areas. Moreover, it adds a brand new female survivor is now available in the main menu character selection to increase the variety.

Server owners are also receiving additional tools to manage their servers without the need for directly modifying game files through the addition of server-side gameplay settings. These include a new way of configuring the weather, adjusting various gameplay features (such as construction, placing limits, stamina and the new hit indication effects) and finally, a new way of spawning various objects to enrich the environment through the new object spawner.

DayZ 1.15 Update Teaser

As always, Steam will download this update the next time you launch its client. Below you can also find its complete changelog.

DayZ Update 1.15 Release Notes

  • AUR A1 assault rifle
  • AUR AX assault rifle
  • 30rd AUR magazine
  • Hunter vest
  • UI indicator when being hit
  • Craftable barbed wire baseball bat
  • Craftable Sawed-off LE-MAS
  • New female survivor
  • Sounds for switching the fire mode of a firearm
  • Day-time setting for night vision scopes
  • Metal wire can now be crafted out of barbed wire
  • Ski masks and balaclavas would clip with several pieces of headgear
  • Fixed a server error caused by specific attachment slots
  • Electric appliances would always make plug-in sounds when the user was connecting to the server 
  • The sawed-off version of the BK-43 had wrong fire mode names
  • Added a missing bed in the big yellow medical tent
  • Fixed bad collisions in the yellow medical tents
  • A killed chicken couldn’t be picked up properly in all cases
  • The fishing hook was not visible on the boonie hat on the ground
  • If a player died while in surrender stance, the death animation was played twice
  • Base building parts could become indestructible under specific circumstances
  • The CR-75 could not be damaged by gunfire
  • Small items could not be picked up from specific positions in car wrecks 
  • Livonia bunkers were missing textures of fallen leaves
  • Slicing rotten pumpkin produced raw pumpkin slices
  • Charcoal tables were only working for a very brief time window
  • Grenades can’t be pinned anymore, once the fuse has started
  • Adjusted the thresholds for energy and hydration levels
  • Food now takes longer to process in the stomach
  • Slightly reduced the health damage caused by dehydration and starvation
  • Adjusted weapon fire rates and recoil
  • Added new variants of muzzle flash for more variety
  • Secondary cooking processes were adjusted to not ruin the food in all cases (e.g. boiling already boiled food)
  • Changed the weight of tents to be more realistic
  • Head torches now count as eye-wear so they can be worn with other types of head gear
  • Removed ghillie wrap attachment slot from the sawed-off BK-43
  • It is now possible to craft rags using the shovel or farming hoe
  • Bushes drop more long sticks instead of short sticks
  • Dry bags can now be repaired with the tire repair kit 
  • Removed grenade armor and cut protection from the high capacity vest
  • Unconsciousness caused by firearms lasts longer
  • Reduced the inventory size of the carp fillet from 2×3 to 1×3
  • Reworked conditions for allowed item combinations
  • Increased the volume of the LE-MAS reload sounds to make it more audible
  • Closed containers won’t show their cargo space anymore
  • Fixed: Infected weren’t spawning at the Balota air field and military area
  • Fixed: Position of some loot spawn points on the western helicopter crash site
  • Also fixed: Incorrect loot spawn points of Land_HouseBlock_2F1
  • Fixed: Incorrect loot spawn points of Land_House_2W01
  • Fixed: Livonia CE tiers 1 and 2 were mixed together 


  • Added cfgweather.xml for configuring weather
  • Added cfggameplay.json for configuring several gameplay elements
  • Also added cfggameplay.json can define custom object spawners json files to populate the world without the need to use central economy 
  • Added Basic XML errors for invalid XMLs
  • Fixed: Some mission files were not distributed in their lowercase form
  • Changed: Weather init removed from default init.c (now done automatically from c++)
  • Changed: FoodDecay parameter is now multiplier (instead of 0 – 1 toggle), meaning decay can be made faster or slower, 0 still switches it off
  • Added Particle overhaul, with the addition of “ParticleSource” and “ParticleManager”
  • Added New script method PlayerBase::OnVoiceEventPlayback called per frame during voice sound event
  • Also added ErrorEx, script error message containing what class and function it came from
  • Added HasActiveParticle for fast checking if the IEntity as any active particles
  • Added GetParticleEmitorCount to quickly obtain the count of emitters
  • Also added IEntity::IsFlagSet for fast testing if a flag is present on the IEntity
  • Added IEntity::IsHierarchyPositionOnly to check if it was added to a parent with “positionOnly” enabled
  • Added Exposed AbstractWave::GetVolume to script API 
  • Also added ParticleList.GetParticleIDByName, a faster alternative for ParticleList.GetParticleID
  • Added CGame.IsDedicatedServer to check if the current instance of the game is a real server or not
  • Added Differentiate put in cargo from inventory interaction and load/spawn in cargo (CanReceiveItemIntoCargo/CanLoadItemIntoCargo)
  • Fixed Baseball bat cleanup: removed the bottom half of textures (unused) and adjusted UV amps accordingly. Fixed damage materials. All materials now have normal and specular maps, the _view rvmats are unused now
  • Fixed OnExplodeClient should now support usage of modded particles
  • Also fixed Config entry “healthLevels” inside of “DamageSystem” not reading integers
  • Fixed StartupEvent not being sent to CGame.OnEvent on script side
  • Fixed ScriptModule.CallFunction always returning 0 even when succeeding
  • Also fixed SetDirection and SetOrientation not working on DayZCreature
  • Changed IEntity::AddChild now returns a bool instead of int and has an updated description
  • Changed IEntity::RemoveChild now returns a bool instead of void and takes an extra parameter to enable keeping of WS transform
  • Also changed Moved the AUG magazine’s textures and materials to the magazines folder
  • Changed Reduced sizes of unused AUG textures to 256×256
  • Changed Engine-level entity events are now protected (instead of private)
  • A fire barrel might despawn when all attachments are removed