Resident Evil 4 HD Project

Resident Evil 4 HD Project will release on February 2nd 2022

Modders Albert and Cris have announced that their highly anticipated Resident Evil 4 HD Project will release on February 2nd, 2022. Resident Evil 4 HD Project is a must-have mod for Resident Evil 4, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

What’s also cool here is that with the combined efforts of the community, the modders have been able to raise this project to another level by fixing some infamous issues of this and previous HD ports. For instance, they have added full HD videos. The final version will also have the original DoF blurring effect from the GC/Wii versions. Not only that, but it will have a FOV for PC gamers to adjust.

The last version of this mod that the team released to the public was back in 2018. So, if you can’t wait until the duo completes the mod, you can go ahead and download its beta version from here.

Below you can also find the complete list of the current improvements that Resident Evil 4 HD Project Version 1.0 will have. I’ve also included below its latest video showcase.

resident evil 4 HD Project | Separate Ways Capítulos 4 y 5 COMPLETAMENTE REMASTERIZADO 2021

Resident Evil 4 HD Project Version 1.0 Key Features

Game Improvements #1
  • It makes the game to allocate more memory for the inventory screen, preventing crashes with high-poly models inside ss_pzzl.dat: No file-size limitations in the inventory. The game crashed when the file that contains the inventory and Merchant store models (ss_pzzl.dat) reached 1,35 MB approx. This forced me to optimize the item models and even all the improvements I did over the original low-poly models, they didn’t look as good as the ingame and examine models. But not anymore! I was able to replace all the models with their examine-model counterpart!
  • Full HD videos are a reality! The game will allocate more memory for SFD movie files, and properly scale its resolution display above their original 512×336 resolution. As you already know, I remastered Separate Ways and other pre-rendered videos, but I still wasn’t able to implement them ingame. Now they are completely integrated in the game. They still use the old sfd format, but the bitrate and encoding method is so good you won’t notice compressing artifacts even during the most complex scenes!
  • It restores transparency on the item pickup screen.
  • It fixes a problem related to a vertex buffer that caused the image to be slightly blurred, making the image much sharper and clearer.
  • Additionally, it disables the film grain overlay that is present in most sections of the game.
  • Additional FoV: You will be able to adjust the FoV (Field of View) at will.
  • It will allocate more memory for some vertex buffers. This prevents a crash that can happen when playing with a high FOV.
  • It fixes the incorrect aspect ratio when playing in ultrawide resolutions, preventing the image from being cut off and the HUD appearing off-screen. (Only tested in 21:9)
Game Improvements #2
  • Moreover, it prevents the camera from being randomly displaced after you zoom with a sniper rifle when using keyboard and mouse.
  • The V-Sync option found in the game’s config.ini actually works now.
  • It enables the original DoF blurring effect from the GC/Wii versions, which Capcom removed in later ports.
  • Whether to use a borderless-window when using windowed-mode.
  • Position to draw the game window when using windowed mode.
  • When running in 60 FPS, some QTEs require extremely fast button presses to work. This gets even worse in Professional difficulty, making it seem almost impossible to survive the minecart and the statue bridge QTEs. This fix makes QTEs that involve rapid button presses much more forgiving.
  • Key bindings for flipping items in the inventory screen when using keyboard and mouse. Normally, you can only rotate them with the keyboard, not flip them. Flipping was possible in the old PC port and is possible using a controller.
  • Key bindings for QTE keys when playing with keyboard and mouse. Unlike the “official” way of rebinding keys through usr_input.ini, this option also changes the on-screen prompt to properly match the selected key.
  • Makes the game use the memcpy function instead of MemorySwap, possibly resulting in some slight performance improvement.
  • This version of RE4 only works properly if played at 30 or 60 FPS. Anything else can and will cause numerous amounts of different bugs. By default, re4_tweaks will warn you about these issues and change the FPS to either 30 or 60. If you have modified the game’s config.ini file and changed the “variableframerate” option to something other than 30 or 60, please be aware of the potential issues before turning off this warning.