WildStar Announced + A Bunch of Screenshots

WildStar is Carbine Studios’ new future fantasy MMORPG that was revealed this morning at NCSoft’s conference and features an iconic visual style and a new way of making MMO content. The company has created a richly layered world full of content that adapts to the player’s playstyle and actions.
WildStar is set on Nexus, home planet of a race called the Eldan. They were the most powerful beings in the known galaxy – dominating through their advanced magic and technology. Dominating, that is, until they suddenly disappeared. Races from all corners of the galaxy are rushing to the Eldan homeworld to stake their claim and uncover the mysteries that shroud the planet.
WildStar will feature five classes; Explorers, Soldiers, Scientists and Settlers.
Explorers are rewarded for climbing high mountains and revealing hidden caverns. Soldiers on the other hand earn rank and glory conquering hordes of enemies, while Scientists collect the darkest secrets of the planet to unearth the story behind the Eldan disappearance. Last but not least, Settlers build a new life on an extraordinary world.
WildStar will be released exclusively on the PC, although NCSoft hasn’t announced any release date as of yet!

WildStar Trailer HD