Unreal Engine Weta Digital

Weta Digital’s Unreal Engine Meerkat Tech Demo has been updated to UE5.4 and is available for download

In December 2020, Weta Digital showcased an amazing real-time animated short in Unreal Engine 4. And today, we have some good news for you. Not only is that UE4 demo available for download, but it was also updated for Unreal Engine 5.4, taking full advantage of Lumen.

In this tech demo, Weta Digital explored how far they can push movie-quality hair, fur, and feathers for linear storytelling in real-time. And yes, on high-end GPUs, you can run this demo in real-time with smooth framerates.

Now as with all tech demos, this can give us a glimpse at the future of video-games. While we won’t get tomorrow this kind of graphics in our games, we can definitely expect this level of detail in next-gen titles. That’s when PS6 and the next Xbox come out.

Anyway, if you want to test your PC system, you can go ahead and download the demo from this link. As said, you’ll get access to both the UE4 and the UE5.4 versions. I’ve also included below a video that compares these two versions. Sadly, though, Cycu1 has not included a framerate overlay stat to see how these demos run.

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Meerkat Demo Unreal Engine 4.26 vs Unreal Engine 5.4 RTX 4080 Graphics Comparison