Weekly UDK Gallery [June 16th – 22nd]

Today we bring you new shots from 3D artists Alex04se, EvanL, TheRealFroman and Felixb (and his team, Team Geodesy). The higlights of this week are Alex04se’s train station and Team Geodesy’s game concept. Team Geodesy’s concept looks exceptionally beautiful, though there are still no plans to turn this into a full fledged title. Still, it looks great so go ahead and take a look!

Alex04se no1Alex04se no2Alex04se no3Alex04se no4Felixb no1Felixb no2Felixb no3Felixb no4EvanL no2EvanL no1TheRealFroman no1

Team Geodesy - Heavens Edge UDK

UDK Abandoned Train Station