Weekly CryEngine 3 Gallery [August 5th – 11th]; CE3 achieves photorealism with Puppy’s tropical level

Today we bring you new shots from modders the_grim, Puppy, Synce, airage, hostilis, TheChan, axeldev, sunnlok, walid-payne and Thomy. Our highlight this week is Puppy’s tropical level.  In all honesty, CryEngine 3 has achieved photorealism with this tropical shot from Puppy and we can’t wait till we get our games looking like that. What’s really amazing here is that Puppy used all materials that are currently available in CryEngine 3’s SDK. No custom textures, no new high resolution assets. Everything you see was available when the SDK got released, meaning that this IQ could be achieved months ago. You may remember a similar shot that was featured in an earlier CryEngine 3 gallery but this is the final version of Puppy’s level. We’ve also included some CryEngine 2 shots from the work of blackhorizon (the four last ones), as well as a video from wjmoosting’s level. Enjoy the images after the jump!

[CryEngine 3] Epic Playground - update