Weekly CryEngine 3 Gallery [August 26th – September 1st]; Lord Of The Rings in CryEngine 3

Today we bring you new shots (and videos) from the works of Crysis 2 modders ordnas666, EliteGhost, The_Distiller, ReVan1199, iSqueezee, USSR_GRAND, wjmoosting, d1ea, blackhorizon, antonadamse and TheMagnumman357. The highlight of this week is – again – The_Distiller’s Balrog creature. To put it simply – CryEngine 3’s Balrog is almost the same with the one of the LOTR movie. We also should note that the STALKER-like video is NOT from a new STALKER or Clear Sky game. This is a CryEngine 3 Pripyat map from blackhorizon and nothing more. Enjoy!

Clear Sky 2 Alpha | Chernobyl - CryEngine 3 Presentation [HD - 1080p]