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Watch_Dogs – Unbelievable Hidden Comment Shows Ubisoft’s Arrogance Towards PC Gamers… Or NOT?

Ubisoft has been constantly claiming that it does care about PC gaming, however a hidden comment will surprise you about the company’s attitude towards PC gamers (and PC gaming in general). Let’s overlook the fact that the PC version of Watch_Dogs is not even close to the E3 2012 build that was showcased and wow’ed everyone. Let’s focus on a comment that is unacceptable and shows Ubisoft’s arrogance. Or not?

Spotted by Guru3D’s member ‘styckx’, this image shows a comment that will not surprise those who’ve been following Watch_Dogs development. As we can clearly see, this command was accompanied with a really disturbing comment.

We can confirm that this image is legit as we’ve unpacked the ‘shaders.dat’ file that contains the, in which the above command lines can be found.

If you want to find them yourselves, use this guide in order to unpack shaders.dat (that is located in the Watch_Dogs\data_win64 folder).

Now let me play the devil’s advocate in this last paragraph. Yes, this comment feels arrogant as hell but perhaps it was included in order to indicate that the PC version did not need special command lines.


Taking a closer look at this particular file, we can see that the ‘float3 upperColor’ command has special values for Xbox One. Ubisoft has lowered the settings of this particular setting on Microsoft’s console. Therefore, the ‘This is PC, who cares’ comment is obviously a comment indicating that the PC version does not need such workarounds or limitations.

So there you have it. While at first glance this comment will drive you crazy and will make you start cursing Ubisoft, this may very well be a comment showing that the PC version features the best visual effects that were not compromised at all. Or a bad dev joke (that was kept for no apparent reason).

We’ve contacted Ubisoft who hopefully will shed some light on this.