Watch_Dogs – Stutter Fix 2.0 Mod Lets You Enjoy Ultra Textures On GPUs With 2GB VRAM

MaLDo – best known for his amazing texture pack for Crysis 2 – has released a new version of his tool/mod for Watch_Dogs that lets gamers enjoy Ultra textures with reduced stuttering on GPUs with 2GB of VRAM.

This latest version of MaLDo’s mod is compatible with TheWorse’s mod. This mod is described as a stuttering fix for people that have stuttering using ultra textures.

MaLDo has combined Ultra textures without mipmaps used as High textures + TheWorse mod 0.7b. As a result of that, there is a slight texture aliasing issue introduced (which should be bearable for most owners of 2GB GPUs).

Here are MaLDo’s instructions about this mod:

How to use it:
1. Unrar the file and copy patch.dat and patch.fat into your watch dogs “data_win64” folder (make a backup if you already have a modded patch file)
2. Multigpu users, disable multigpu in your drivers (remember, this is only a test). Recommended to use Adaptative Vsync too. SLI and CrossfireX can increase your raw performance but stuttering will be worse.
3. Start the game
4. In the game options menu, select your native resolution and max rendered frames = 2
5. VERY IMPORTANT: Select HIGH TEXTURES!!!! (NOT ULTRA, you will see ultra textures using High texture option)
6. Players with 2 GB of VRAM, set high or medium shadows and reflections.
7. Resume game. You will could see texture aliasing but the stuttering should be reduced.

To uninstall the test patch, delete both patch.fat and patch.dat and restore your old modded patch files in case you had one mod before.

Those interested can download it from here (or from here in case Guru3D goes down).

Ubisoft will release a performance patch for the PC version of Watch_Dogs in the coming days. We’ve reached out the company and asked whether this patch will break compatibility for all released mods, so hopefully we’ll have an answer before the patch is out.