Watch_Dogs – Modders Figured Out Ways To Enable E3 2012 Bloom Effects & Improve Performance

Well, you gotta love modders. There was a lot of debate whether Kadzait24’s XML mod was doing anything at all in Watch_Dogs. Apparently, it wasn’t a placebo effect as most thought so. According to the latest reports, its 3.0 version comes with improved visuals and significant performance gains.

Truth be told, this Kadzait24’s mod – in its current state – does not increase the texture quality and does not bring significant physics effects to the table. Still, its latest version comes with improved reflections, performance, and shadows. Not only that, but this mod has also improved the stuttering side effects that a lot of PC gamers have been facing.

Moreover, Guru3D’s member ‘TheWorse’ has figured out a way to enable the E3 2012 Bloom effect that was missing from the final version. In addition, the modder is working on getting more fog on the ambient through the same shaders.

Those interested can download Kadzait24’s mod from here and TheWorse’s Bloom mod from here.


Watch Dogs 1080p Ultra with kadzait24 3.0 mod and E3 Effect(Bloom)