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Watch Dogs Legion will have an offline mode, cross-play coming via a future patch

In a recent Reddit AMA, Lathieeshe Thillainathan, Producer on Watch Dogs: Legion, shared some new details about it. According to Thillainathan, Watch Dogs Legion will not require a constant internet connection, and will offer an offline mode. Furthermore, Ubisoft plans to add cross-play support between all platforms via a post-launch update.

As Thillainathan said when asked about an offline mode for the game’s single-player campaign:

“You can play single-player offline, but you won’t be able to see all the community photos or take in-game pictures and share them out.”

Thillainathan confirmed that Watch Dogs Legion will have cross-progression across all our platforms at launch. However, cross-play will be coming as an update in Year 1. Unfortunately, there is no ETA on when this feature will be added to the game.

Watch Dogs Legion will also receive lots of free content. However, the game will also have micro-transactions. According to Thillainathan, the game will only have cosmetic microtransactions. Still, the game will also have tons of free cosmetic options.

Watch Dogs Legion releases on October 29th, and here are also its official PC requirements.

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