Batman Arkham Origins feature

Warner Bros Montreal Is Currently Working On Two Games Set In The DC Universe

Warner Bros Montreal was the team behind Batman: Arkham Origins, and while that game was not as optimized as possible on the PC, it had the least problems – from the Batman: Arkham series – on our platform. And according to its official website, the team is currently working on two triple-A DC games.


While we don’t have enough information about these two games, rumours suggest that the first one is a Batman game set between Origins and Asylum and that the second one is a Suicide Squad game.

Nevertheless, it’s good knowing that some new DC games are under development (a Batman vs Superman game could be actually cool too).

Let’s just hope that Warner Bros Montreal will be the ones developing the PC version, and that it will do a better job than Rocksteady and Iron Galaxy (that is of course if the games actually hit the PC).