Warhorse Studios announced free DLCs for Kingdom Come Deliverance, modding tools officially coming

Warhorse Studios has announced some free DLCs that will be coming to Kingdom Come Deliverance. Among these free DLCs will be the highly anticipated modding tools which will allow PC gamers to mod the game. While the team did not reveal how much gamers will be able to mod, we expect to see also see a level editor.

The free DLCs that will be coming to Kingdom Come Deliverance are Hardcore Mode, The Making of Kingdom Come, a Tournament mode, Combat Academy and Modding Support. Hardcore Mode, Tourname Mode and Modding Support will be free to everyone, whereas The Making of Kingdom Come and Combat Academy will be free to early crowdfunding supporters.

Unfortunately Warhorse Studios did not announce any ETA on when these free DLCs will be made available (other than they will come in the next year), however we’ll be sure to keep you posted!