DSOG feature 2

Editorial: DSOGaming is looking for reviewers

And it’s time to expand the team. Over the past few weeks we’ve been receiving review codes for numerous games that we are simply unable to cover. As such, we are looking for two talented new reviewers. 

Do note that this will be a semi-paid job (we’ll discuss the details with those that will join the team). Moreover, reviewers should be able to meet certain deadlines. However, I want to make it crystal clear that we do not have strict deadlines (reviewers will have enough time in order to finish the games).

Naturally, those that will join the team will have the benefit of writing for one of the best PC gaming websites (well… we gotta do some self-promotion… right? Right?) and freely share their opinion. They will also enjoy free copies of games and will be able to get in touch with developers in order to build new relationships. They may also be able to land jobs at more popular websites. We are happy to report that Jak, one of our volunteers, was able to land a job at Tweaktown.

We won’t be restricting the work of a reviewer as long as he/she follows specific rules. For example, you all know that we do not allow GamerGate or political stuff so a review that focuses on such things is a no-no. A perfect example is Kingdom Come: Deliverance. A review that basically focuses on Daniel Vávra instead of the game itself will not ever get published. Another example: a review of a game that focuses on the gender of protagonists and their sexual preferences is not acceptable. We are gamers and we want gaming-focused stuff. Period.

Those interested can send their resume at john2@dsogaming.com with a “Apply for DSOGaming Reviewer” title, alongside a sample of their work (a mini game review will be ideal).