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Warface – Two New Game Modes Added to Crytek’s Free-To-Play Shooter

Crytek announced today two new game modes for its F2P FPS title, Warface. These new game modes are: Domination Versus Mode and Marathon Survival Mode.

In Domination Versus Mode, players will scrap to fend off the enemy team and hold down three different positions on the map. Securing each of those strategic points for a set period of time will put players on the path to victory, but with every second that passes the mounting pressure will ensure only those who can work together will survive. For the debut of Domination Mode, players will compete on the newly-launched SubZero Versus map; which invites them to return to the ice-locked mountains of Siberia as they battle for supremacy.

The second new game mode is Marathon Survival Mode that brings together the three original maps from the game’s Siberia setting, and challenges players to outlast and outgun the enemy as they tackle the Operation Cold Peak Co-op campaign in the form of one continuous level.

Operation Cold Peak’s three individual acts – Spearhead, Ambush and Zenith – have already been pushing hardened veterans to their limits as they team up and brave hostile territory together. The introduction of Marathon Mode ramps the adversity to a whole new level by merging the diverse and deadly challenges of each snow-bound environment.

Those interested can sign up for a free account and start playing Warface right now by visiting its official website.