Ultimate General: Gettysburg – New RTS From The Greek Modder Behind Total War’s DarthMod

Ultimate General Gettysburg
Nick Thomadis, creator of Total War’s DarthMod, and a team of programmers are currently working on a new strategy game called Ultimate General: Gettysburg. Ultimate General: Gettysburg promises to feature a realistic morale system, ‘thinking soldiers’, and an AI that does not need traditional game cheats or hidden tricks to face off against humans.
As Thomadis wrote on his blog, Ultimate General: Gettysburg is a child of his passion to provide things that could not be achieved by simply modding Total War.
“There were things that I could not deliver to players as a modder. That is why I decided to develop my own strategy game and in this blog post I will write about its main aspects. Working with a group of very talented programmers I am now able to build the strategy game I always dreamed of.”
A while back, Creative Assembly invited a number of modders to its head quarters and – surprisingly for some – Thomadis was not one of them. Thomadis claimed that he would stop working on new versions of his Total War DarthMod mod, though he would still fix the bugs that were present in the mod’s latest version.
Ultimate General: Gettysburg seems quite ambitious, and here its key features:
-Take Command – Fight the Battle of Gettysburg as a Union or Confederate general and attempt to rewrite history through a chain of historical and “what if” battle scenarios.
-Dynamic Progress – Your performance in battles affects future missions. Losing too many soldiers in your first encounter will drastically change the last days of your battle.
-Easy controls – Deep tactical gameplay driven by simple controls. Give orders to hundreds of troops organised in brigades of infantry, cavalry and artillery.
-Thinking Soldiers – Units can retaliate and defend themselves without player input and excessive micromanagement, giving you the freedom to focus on other more important strategic matters.
-Realistic Morale – One of the most complex morale systems ever created makes your tactical decisions crucial on the battlefield – demoralised troops become irresponsive, devastating volleys cause havoc in your lines, flank attacks can rout your strongest units.
-Terrain Advantage – High ground provides increased weapon ranges, accuracy and morale bonuses. He, who takes the hills, wins the battle.
-Challenge – AI does not need traditional game cheats or hidden tricks to face off against humans. Innovative Ultimate General AI comes with different characters such as “Careless”, “Indecisive”, “Defensive”, “Cautious”, “Cunning”, “Aggressive” or “Dynamic”.
From our part, we wish best luck to Thomadis and his team. Total War’s DarthMod was a pretty amazing mod, therefore we can’t wait to see what this talented fella has in store for us.
Kudos to PCGamer for spotting it!