Nick ‘DarthVader’ Thomadis, creator of Total War’s DarthMod projects, will be no longer creating Total War mods

It’s a sad day today my friends. As we’ve said and before, we love modders and really respect their work. And it breaks our heart when mods that have so much potential get canned. Total War: Shogun 2?s DarthMod was one of those mods that were overhauling a game’s mechanics, and we regret to inform you – Total War fans – that Nick ‘DarthVader’ Thomadis will be no longer enhancing Creative Assembly’s titles.
Nick announced his decision a couple of hours ago at DarthMod’s official FB page.
Long story short, Creative Assembly will hold a ‘Mod Summit’ and – apparently – DarthVader was not invited to it. According to the company, they have chosen members of the community to attend who they feel have demonstrated a considerable talent or passion for the modding scene, with a track record of creating excellent content or a demonstrable passion for spreading the word about some of the best Total War mods out there. DarthVader believes that he’s one of them as his DarthMod projects are among the most popular mods for Creative Assembly’s Total War series.
Naturally, DarthVader was disappointed with the fact that he was not selected. However, it seems that he took this ‘rejection’ too seriously. And this is so wrong in so many levels in our opinion. Simply put – we feel that modders should not after recognition. Modders should be creating mods for gamers and only.
For example; should we be disappointed when a modder is not contacting us, even though we’d been supporting his mod (not talking about DarthVader here, this is a mere example)? Hell no. We are backing these guys up because we want to and because we believe they have created something that needs to be shared.
We honestly wish DarthVader would reconsider and return to his modding duties. Yeah, perhaps he got disappointed and wanted to earn something more out of his Total War mods (or even get a bit more publicity or a future job in CA). However, he should not be making mods in order to be appreciated by an ‘X’ company. He should be creating them because a great number of gamers are enjoying his works.
And that should be the best reward for every modder out there.