Two Worlds II – Worldmerge Mod Overhaul offers over 65+ hours of role playing epicness

The PC modding community has managed to yet again exceed our expectations. PC gamers and fans of Reality Pump’s RPG, meet a mod overhaul for Two Worlds II called Worldmerge Mod. Worldmerge combines the Two World 2 main campaign, the eleven multiplayer adventure maps and the whole Pirates of Flying Fortress Expansion into one coherent, newly balanced singleplayer gameworld. The experience curve as well as the levels of the monsters have been adjusted accordingly – reach lvl 65+ and still find challenging adventures.
Worldmerge ties everything together with a very long new questline sending you all around the world of Antaloor, even to the most hidden corners. You will find three new difficulty levels (Novice, Expert and Master) with various tweaks and enhancements, each for a female or male player character, that bring a lot of extra challenge.
Furthermore over 130 new handplaced encounters with uniquely named (Mini-)Bosses and their companions are added. They guard well hidden new treasures in the guise of potions that permanently increase parameters and grant skill points.
The skill system has been revised significantly: higher level skills cost more skill points, a special, rather sinister “teacher” has to be paid in order to reach the really high skills levels and lots of skills, especially from the thieving arts, have additional skill effects now: Find extra loot with pick pockets, assassinate mid combat when attacking stunned enemies, especially with daggers, sneaky dodge attacks or disarm trap protected chests.
Your enemies have learned new tricks, too: They refresh their health upon retreat, can take a last stand when severely wounded that regenerates their hitpoints in combat, have higher chances to resist crowd control effects and might even teleport to your position in a surprise attack.
Combat is more refined as special attacks cost stamina now (a heartbeat sound will warn you of low stamina) and only timed blocking allows you to recover stamina fast enough. Also, there is no more hp regeneration of the hero in combat.
In addition to that many great mods by gifted modders from the Two Worlds 2 community are included. The singleplayer game time (compared to the 45+ hours of TW2+PotFF) is easily extended by more than 20 extra hours (30+ if you choose the Master Difficulty). All in all, you’re in for a 65+ hours role playing epic.
You can download the mod from here, and you can find some installation notes at its official forum.