AlanWTool brings mod support to Alan Wake PC; potentially high-res texture packs in the near future

I tell you, modders are crazy. Remember when Remedy announced that they would not release mod tools for the PC version of Alan Wake? A lot of gamers were disappointed with that statement, however modder ‘evin’ decided to go ahead and figure out a way to unlock the game’s data files. Fast forward a couple of days and here we are today with the AlanWTool, a tool that can be used to unpack Alan Wake’s data files.
This tool has a lot of potential and there are already some small mods with translated subtitles. Remedy’s Co-Founder, SamiV, was really impressed with evin’s work and has no plans in locking the files or sending him a cease and desit message.
This basically means that we could very well get some high-resolution Texture Packs in the coming months. This little tool has a lot of potential, so go ahead and download it if you are interested in messing with the game’s data files.