Twentieth Century Fox Trademarks Alien: Isolation, Possibly Creative Assembly’s Alien Game


We’ve known for a while that Creative Assembly is working on a new Aliens game. And despite the fact that the development team has not unveiled anything about that game, it seems that FOX may have just hinted its title. Spotted by Siliconera, Twentieth Century Fox filed a trademark for a game called Alien: Isolation.

There is nothing more to add really, apart from the fact that it will hopefully be better than Aliens: Colonial Marines. Well, that is if this game is actually the one Creative Assembly is working on. Because you know what? This could very well be a mobile game. Remember how gamers got disappointed when they found out that Deus Ex: The Fall was just a mobile game and nothing more? Well, in order to avoid another similar disappointment, let’s just hold our horses before celebrating, shall we?


According to Kotaku, Aliens: Isolation is a cross platform title (for current and next gen platforms) and will most probably get released in 2014. The big star in Aliens: Isolation – alongside our beloved xenomorphs – will be Amanda Ripley, daughter of the Ellen Ripley. Aliens: Isolation is said to be a first-person shooter that combines stealth and horror. Its gameplay will be inspired by both Dishonored and BioShock, so it will be interesting to see what Creative Assembly has been working on these past years.

Here is the trademark that Twentieth Century Fox filed.



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