PCMark 8 Now Available On Steam

PCMark 8

Futuremark has announced that its popular benchmarking tool, PCMark 8, is now available on Steam. PCMark 8 combines performance benchmarking, battery life testing, a dedicated benchmark for SSDs and HDDs, and real-world tests using popular applications from Adobe and Microsoft.

PCMark 8 includes five new benchmark tests, each designed around a typical use scenario, thus you will be able to choose the benchmark that best matches your needs, or run all five for a complete picture of your PC’s performance. Each benchmark produces a score you can use to compare systems as well as detailed results you can use to gain a deep understanding of system performance.

The Home, Creative, and Work tests reflect the most common computer usage patterns – light home use, demanding media and entertainment activities, and typical office productivity tasks. The Applications benchmark is a real-world test of system performance using popular applications from Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office. The Storage benchmark is ideal for testing SSDs, HDDs and hybrid drives, highlighting the real-world performance differences between devices. You can use the Home, Creative, Work and Applications benchmarks to test battery life too.

PCMark 8 costs $49.95, but can be bought from Steam for $37.49 (25% off) for a limited time.

PCMark 8 Steam Edition features:

-Includes all five benchmarks plus battery life tests.
-Benchmark with Adobe & Microsoft applications.
-Test your SSD or HDD with the Storage test.
-Measure the battery life of your tablet or notebook.
-Run individual workloads to fine-tune your system.
-Get in-depth hardware monitoring graphs.
-Automatically save your results offline.



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