Turn Skyrim Into A Next-Gen Title – New Mod Brings Lots Of Post-Processing Effects To The Surface

Take a look at the Skyrim screens we published a couple of minutes ago. Quite impressive, right? Well, good news everyone as modder ZeroKing has released a new mod that let players tweak BlurShift, Sharpen, Vibrance, LumaSharpen, Noise and Black Levels. In short, with this mod you can achieve visuals similar to the shots we posted a few minutes ago.

Those interested can download the mod from here.

As ZeroKing claimed, all features are GUI-enabled, so that you may tweak them in-game using the ENB interface without requiring you to edit the shaders yourself.

“This addon, compiled in an effect.txt file, is meant to be used in an ENB preset, which means you will need to head on over to the ENB of your choice, install it, and add this in the same directory where you would normally install your choice of ENB. Normally, you would install your ENB and this addon in the Skyrim directory, where your Skyrim’s .exe application is located (not the DATA folder). Only ENBs that support the GUI function will work.”

Enjoy and happy modding!