Total conversion ‘Sapience’ for Crysis 2 will make you more excited for it than Crysis 3

Fact number 1: both Sapience and Crysis 3 use the latest version of CryEngine 3. Fact number 2: Sapience is a mod for Crysis 2 that comes with unique environments and looks more varied than Crysis 3. Fact number 3: its latest trailer puts to shame the official Crysis 3 trailer. Fact number 4: It looks bloody gorgeous. Fact is that after watching the latest trailer of Sapience, I’m more excited for this Crysis 2 mod than Crysis 3. The team behind it created an amazing trailer and you should definitely have a look at it. Sapience is slated for a 2012 release and we’ll be sure to keep you updated. Enjoy!
SAPIENCE Dark Craft Studios Mod for Crysis 2 Pre Alpha Trailer 2012