Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege Will Get 4 New Maps & New Game Modes In Its First Year For Free

Ubisoft has announced that Rainbow Six: Siege will receive 4 new maps and new game modes – that will be available for free to everyone immediately – in its first year. In addition, the game will receive new operators and weapon skins can that can be unlocked with earned currency called Renown, or with R6 Credits.

Rainbow Six: Siege will receive over the course of its first year the following:

  • 4 new maps (playable on both online multiplayer and Terrorist Hunt)
  • 8 new operators, with new primary/secondary weapons and unique Gadget
  • New cosmetic items
  • New game modes, events and/or activities

As Ubisoft noted, the only content that will be available exclusively for purchase is a number of cosmetic weapon skins.

“The only new content that will be available exclusively by purchase will be a small number of premium weapon skins that are purely aesthetic and have no impact on gameplay. For an online, competitive multiplayer game it’s imperative that we don’t create a divide in the community or introduce “pay to win” mechanics. By doing it this way, we hope to keep our community united and engaged over the long term.”

Ubisoft has detailed Rainbow Six: Siege’s in-game currency, so be sure to read all about it in its official website.

Rainbow Six: Siege releases on December 1st!

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