AMID EVIL – First Impressions + First 14 Minutes

AMID EVIL is a new retro first-person shooter, created by the producers of DUSK and the creators of Return of the Triad. This retro shooter can be easily described as the spiritual successor to Heretic and below you can read our first impressions of it, accompanied by a video showing the game’s first chapter.

AMID EVIL is an old-school shooter in every way. Right from the start, we are treated with a Quake 1 reference as players will have to choose their difficulty level by stepping in specific portals. And then the game starts and it’s a blast from the past.

Player movement is similar to the one we’ve enjoyed in all the 90s old-school shooters and the visuals are pixelated in such a way that they will immediately remind you all those classic games like Heretic, Hexen, Rise of the Triad, Duke Nukem 3D, Blood and more.

The Early Access build features three single-player episodes and with Hordes of Evil. The final version will come with seven campaign episodes plus more Hordes of Evil (endless mode) arenas.

Similarly to its visuals, its gameplay is as close to the old-school shooters as it could possibly be. Players will have to explore the game’s environments in order to find keys so they can open doors and finish the levels. While exploring these levels, they will find new weapons that they can use in order to fight various types of enemies. Sounds too simplistic, right? Well, that’s the beauty of it.

Now as you may have noticed, I’ve been mostly using Heretic and Hexen as references. And the reason behind this is because the enemies, level design and weapons are similar to those of Heretic/Hexen. So yeah, think of this game as a new Heretic.

AMID EVIL is a lot of fun. There are no cut-scenes, no arrows to show you where you should go, no restrictions so that you ‘return to the mission area’… none of this new-gen stuff. This is made for all the old-school shooter fans out there that miss those mindless games. And it works.

Below you will find our video showing the game’s first chapter. Do note that this is our first play (that’s the purpose of our videos after all, so there is – understandably – some backtracking)!

AMID EVIL - First 14 Minutes - PC Max Settings