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This mod for The Witcher 3 significantly increases the particles for numerous effects (rain, sparks, fog and more)

The Witcher 3 fans, here is something extra for you today. Modder ‘CreatorGreg’ has released a brand new version of his particles effects mod for CD Projekt RED’s RPG. According to its description, this mod increases the particles (count/density) for numerous effects, such as rain, fog, sparks, snow, bombs and more.

Before trying it, know that there are conflicts with mods like Wiedzmin Lighting Mod or STLM/another mod. As such, the modder suggests merging them with Mod Merger.

The latest version of Better FX mod increases the particles for all enemies, adds better smoke shader to the burning village cutscene, changes slightly the appearance of IGNI cone to look more like in the E3-Demo and slightly tweaks the IGNI stream to look more narrow.

If you love more sparks and particles effects in your games, then this mod is for you. CreatorGreg claimed that signs can cause up to 5 fps when casting (though there should be any performance hit for the other changes).

Those interested can download the mod from here.

Have fun!