Quake Champions will soon get bots

id Software has announced that it will release some bots for Quake Champions that players will be able to play against. As technical director John Dean said, the bots will be able to do all the things that players can, including trick jumps and strafe jumps.

Furthermore, players will be able to set their difficulty on a sliding scale. For example, at the easiest difficulty levels, the bots will avoid powerful weapons and pickups, thus giving players a chance to learn how to use the best items, including Quad Damage.

id Software plans to release the bots in two phases. In phase 1, the bots will able to use all champions and weapons, but not champion abilities. Bots will be available in a limited number of game modes, including deathmatch, team deathmatch, and instagib. This first phase of bots will be coming soon to Quake Champions. In the second phase, the bots will be able to use champion abilities, and will be available in more game modes.

Last but not least, Dean did not confirm an offline mode (featuring these newly added bots) for Quake Champions, though he did say that there are lots of really good stuff coming down the pipe.

Thanks PCGamer

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