This Is Why We Love Modders – The Incredible Hulk Comes To GTA IV

The Incredible Hulk
Admit it; you’ve always wanted an open-world Hulk game. And even though there were some attempts in the past, this mod for GTA IV looks so good that it easily overshadows each and every Hulk game that was released to this date. Created by JulioNIB, this mod brings Hulk – and his super powers like ‘thunderclap’ ‘jumping’ ‘lifting’ and ‘throwing cars’  – to Rockstar’s sandbox title. And it looks so good. Kudos to our reader ‘Jonathan Gustafsson’ for spotting and creating a video for it. This mod will be released later today (you can download it from here). We’ve also included below two older videos from two other GTA IV ‘military’ mods that were sent to us by Jonathan (Javelin And Stinger Lockon and AC-130 Airstrike), as well as a mod/skin that is based on Team17’s Worms. Enjoy!
Grand Theft Auto IV - The Incredible Hulk Script (MOD) OFFICIAL TRAILER HD

Grand Theft Auto IV - Javelin And Stinger Lockon (MOD) HD

Grand Theft Auto IV - AC-130 Airstrike (MOD) HD

Grand Theft Auto IV - Worms (MOD) HD