New Prince of Persia to be unveiled next week

Prince of Persia
It’s been a while since our last news about the new/rumored Prince of Persia game, don’t you think? Well, good news for those interested in this franchise as the game’s FB page teased some incoming news about it. According to the FB page, we’ll be getting news about Prince of Persia next week. We don’t know whether Ubisoft is teasing a new iOS game or a proper, next-gen sequel to this beloved franchise, so we’ll have to wait and see.
It will be interesting to see what Ubisoft has in store for us.
Almost a year ago, an image appeared on the Internet and was rumored to be from a new Prince of Persia title. Naturally, Ubisoft did not comment on that image, so we are really curious about whether that was a teaser of what a new Prince of Persia game will look like or not.
Our guess is that the new Prince of Persia title (if it’s a proper title and not an iOS game) will be powered by the AnvilNext engine and the PC is the leading platform for it. Well, that is if the rumored image is from this new Prince of Persia.
Stay tuned for more!