This is how GTA V should look like; New footage from iCEnhancer 1.35 for GTA IV

GTA V’s debut trailer has just been released and seemed a bit underwhelming – with regards to its visuals. This game is definitely coming to current generation consoles so it was only natural to have somewhat low expectations and although it definitely looks better than GTA IV vanilla, it doesn’t even come close to GTA IV modded. Yeah, we knew that already but YouTube user ‘aimedehaire’ decided to release a compilation of every videos he recorded with the upcoming 1.35 final version of iCEnhancer. The result is really astonishing. In addition, YouTube user ‘KBL1974’ has provided us with the official trailer of Hayssam Keilany’s 1.35 final version of iCEnhancer, so be sure to check the videos after the jump.

GTAIV iCEnhancer 1.35 Official Trailer by KBL1974