Alien Isolation Xenomorph screenshots

Alien: Isolation – Mod Completely Removes The Alien & Lets You Explore The Sevastopol

Steam’s member ‘[Lebowski]-=ThArK=-‘ has found a way to completely remove the alien from the game. Via this mod, players will be able to explore the Sevastopol and admire all those lovely details that The Creative Assembly added to the game.

As [Lebowski]-=ThArK=- said:

“The way to do that is making a little mod on the file ALIEN.BML that the game uses to set the alien attributes.
At the end of the file there is a line that sets the alien behaviour with “alien_behave” and I replace it with “NoBehaviour” so the alien still is there in some vent but doesn’t make anything. It is freezed.”

Those that are not interested in editing the game’s files can download this modded file from here.

Do note that while the alien is removed, the android are still present and can kill you.

Have fun!